Coming back to Kickstarter this month!

Hello Public Radio fans ~

It’s been too long! And we're excited to let you know that in a few weeks we’ll be launching a new Kickstarter campaign to bring The Public Radio back into production.

Over the last two years we've reengineered The Public Radio to be more user friendly and easier for us to assemble. And we're proud that just like our first batch, this new run of Public Radios will be manufactured - sustainably - here in the US.

We’ve been invited to relaunch on June 20th as part of a special celebration of alumni Kickstarter projects. If you’re one of those people who wrote us asking for a second or third radio, this is your chance!

Looking forward to having you along,

Zach & Spencer

Spencer Wright

Spencer Wright is a design engineer, product manager, and strategist living in New York City.