The Public Radio.

is finally back!


The single channel radio for your daily routine.


The Public Radio is a single station FM radio housed in the simplest enclosure we could find: a mason jar. It's a totally uncomplicated device - just an antenna and a volume knob - and ships pre-tuned to the listener's station of choice.


In 2015, we shipped 2500 Public Radios to listeners all over the world. And this June, we're relaunching on Kickstarter to bring The Public Radio back! Sign up for our mailing list to be notified when we launch.

Loyal radio listeners won’t miss unnecessary buttons. The simplicity of having your go-to station in a jar is what makes it so awesome.
— Brit & Co
All you do is turn it on or off and control the volume.
— Popular Mechanics
Mason jars have been riding a huge wave of popularity...Now, two engineers are turning them into simple sound machines
— All Tech Considered
There’s something a little magical about flipping a switch and hearing a story wafting out of a box.
— Engadget
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Radio monogamy for the internet age.