Public Radio FAQs 


When are you going to make more radios??!?!

Yeah, we get this a lot. The good news is that we *are* working on it; the bad news is that we can't tell you much more than that. When that changes (i.e. when we have more radios for you to buy) we'll send a respectful heads-up to our mailing list - which you can sign up for here.

What's the battery life of the radio?

There's approximately 100 hours  of runtime on two fully charged alkaline batteries.  When the batteries are spent, the radio will fail to turn on.  

Can I use rechargeable batteries?  


What's the reception like on the radio?  

The Public Radio gets as good of reception as other standard FM radios of its kind.  FM signals become weaker the further you are from your transmitter, and interference can be caused by a number of factors.

I moved and need to change my Public Radio default station!  

It's pretty simple - just follow the steps in this video.