Current beta status.

The Public Radio is currently a pre-production prototype, and is slightly different than the final version we'll be shipping to the public. Most of the differences are aesthetic. Our beta lid is laser cut (as opposed to stamped) and will be missing a few cosmetic features. Our custom stub antenna isn't ready yet, and so we'll be using a standard telescopic antenna in its place. 

We've also made some recent changes to both the circuit design and the way the parts fit together, and will face a learning curve building assembling the radios. This will slow our production down somewhat, but we promise that when we ship your Public Radio, it'll be fully tested and ready to go.


We love our beta testers, and want them to be totally happy. That's why we're offering a 30-day money back return policy that covers everything except dropping The Public Radio in the toilet. We'll even cover shipping back to our home base in Brooklyn, and will buy you a beer & chat about what went wrong if you're local. 

We're also happy to extend all of our beta testers the option of a free upgrade to the production version when they're ready later this Spring.