Sure, we used to touch that dial...

But then we were like, "Why?"

The Public Radio is a single station pre-tuned radio housed in the simplest enclosure we could find: a mason jar. It's a totally uncomplicated device - just an antenna and a volume knob - and it's built pre-tuned to the listener's station of choice. 

We always use FM the same way: never changing the station, just flipping the power on and off. After all, a radio's seek/scan functions can't compete with the discovery power of the internet. But our relationships with our local broadcasters remain strong, and The Public Radio helps enable our radio monogamy. When you decide on a station, you're entrusting its producers to curate your programming.

The Public Radio is shipped pre-tuned to your station of choice - whether that be your local NPR affiliate (Zach prefers 93.9 WNYC) or your favorite pop station (Spencer prefers HOT97). Once you receive your Public Radio, it's set to your station. Its one knob just controls power and volume.

More about the Team here. Station managers can get in touch with us to inquire about using The Public Radio for their next fund drive here.